Neo-Nazi Rally in Portland Leads to Disturbances Say Portland Police


Reza Jalali, Greater Portland Immigrant Welcome Center, Executive Director.

Part of the Protest That Took Place in Front of City Hall Today. Unfortunately, Mayor Snyder Made No Comment on the Disturbance in Portland Streets.  Does She Approve of it?

A group of 20 – 30 individuals calling themselves the “Nationalist Social Club” held a rally throughout the Old Port, Monument Square and city hall in Portland on Saturday.  According to their website, they are a neo-Nazi group with small chapters based in the New England region.

The group was confronted several times throughout their march through the area by individuals with opposing views.  Some minor skirmishes broke out, but there were no official complaints filed with the Portland Police Department and no reports of any serious injuries.  Police monitored the event throughout and no arrests were made according to a press release issued late this afternoon.

The City’s Mayor Snyder has made no statement on this event which is a disappointment.