Neighborhood Meeting on Rental Project at 89 Anderson Street; Popular 3G’s to Relocate?

From 3G's to......

From 3G’s to……

... Up to 53 Rental Units at 89 Anderson Street.

… Up to 53 Rental Units at 89 Anderson Street.


By Carol McCracken  (Post # 2,142)

You are invited to attend a neighborhood meeting to discuss plans for a new residential development in East Bayside.  The meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, July 16th at 6:00 pm., at the Redfern Office, 178 Washington Avenue.  The developer for the rental development is Jonathan Culley, Redfern Properties LLC. This informational meeting is a requirement of the city’s zoning requirements before proceeding to the planning board for the zoning change.

It’s anticipated that later in July, (possibly July 22nd, but that is unconfirmed) the proposal for up to 53 rental units on .53 acres of land will go before the planning board for a zoning change that will enable a mixed use building at the 89 Anderson Street site.  The proposed development will include ground floor commercial users, including a restaurant and possible community room, with rental units on floors 2 through 4.  The units will be market-rate and will include studio, one and two bedroom units.  According to Culley, he would like to break ground in the spring of 2015. The 89 Anderson Street has been under contract pending receiving all permits for a few months now.

The proposal is for land currently occupied by 3G’s, a popular tire and car repair facility that has been located on that corner for about eleven years. The business is known for its used tires and reasonable car repair rates. The late Gene Hewitt, who owned the business before his son inherited the business, had a 40-year presence on the East End of Portland. Originally he was located at the corner of Cumberland and Washington Avenues and then moved to the former Monkey Wrench on Washington Avenue. Hewitt moved 3G’s to 89 Anderson Street in 2002 according to his daughter-in-law and co-owner of the business, Chris Hewitt. Hewitt said they are looking at several locations to which they could move their business, but have not signed any leases yet.  One location could be on Veranda Street and the other on Riverside Street – they would have to add a shuttle for customers, she said.

Hewitt said that some of their older customers are very concerned about new development in the area.  They are afraid that taxes will just contnue to go up, when they are already high.  “It’s all people are talking about,” she said.  Younger people are moving here from Boston because its’ cheaper here and there are jobs if you have the right skills.

Redfern Properties is also the developer of Munjoy Heights on the Hill.  It has sold 19 of its 29 townhouses.  Catherine Culley said that a feature of the West End Place will be the inclusion of a Rosemont Market & Bakery in the development.