Munjoy Hill Tavern Opens Softly With Grand Opening Tentatively Set

Munjoy Hill Tavern to Open Next Week (Formerly Crow's Nest)

Munjoy Hill Tavern Now Open.  (Formerly Crow’s Nest)

The New Bar in the Tavern

The New Bar in the Tavern

Patrons to a Soft Opening at Munjoy Hill Tavern Today.

Patrons at the Soft Opening at Munjoy Hill Tavern Today.

By Carol McCracken  (Post # 2,662)

Friends of brothers Stan and Sean Dobson drifted into their newly opened Tavern – Munjoy Hill Tavern – all afternoon. Word of mouth had spread all over the City that the long-anticipated reincarnation of a well-run neighborhood bar – was open for the owners’ many friends.

“I’m here as a friend to support the effort,” said Peter Walker, a retired mail man in Portland. “I used to come to George’s when it was open years ago.  It was lots of fun.”  It was open in the late 50s forward.  George eventually retired leaving a big gap on the Hill.  Then another chapter began when “Annie’s” opened….

The Tavern opened softly last Thursday afternoon.  It’s been an opportunity to work out any of the kincks in the operation.  Food is available on a limited basis.  It will be several more weeks before that aspect is in full operation.  A local blacksmith  is currently making a hanger from which he will hang the distinctive Tavern sign – hopefully next week.

A grand opening is scheduled TENTATIVELY for Saturday, August 13 at the Tavern.  It’s expected to be a day long celebration of the opening complete with musicians and other entertainment.

More recently, it operated as Mama’s Crow Bar, under the controversial ownership of Trish Henley.  The lease was not renewed by the Dobsons.

Please see post # 2,643 herein dated July 8th for more background information on the new Tavern.