Munjoy Hill Scheduled for Water Main Replacement Next Year


By Carol McCracken  (Post # 1,668)

Morning, Vesper, Wilson, Moody, Obrion and Beckett Streets will be the beneficiaries of water main replacement construction next year.  The work is expected to begin in April and continue through until November of 2014, according to a press release released by the Portland Water District earlier this month.

The area has been selected for this project for two reasons:  The first one is the age of the water main.  The water main currently in place dates back to 1892 – 1915.  The work is being coordinated with anticipated city paving work in the area as well.

“Water main  replacement projects are important to maintain water quality and uninterrupted service,” said Michelle Clements, Public Relations Manager, for the Portland Water District.  “In 2014, the Portland Water District is investing $6 million in water main replacements, which is a 70% increase over 2013,” Clements added.

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