Munjoy Hill News Undergoes Upgrades; Advertising Coming….



By Carol McCracken  (Post # 361)

Eighteen months ago the opportunity was given to me to begin an on-line news service.  I scooped up the idea and have been running with it ever since.  Over sixteen thousand views later, it’s been more fun that I ever anticipated. I knew nothing much about computers.  I still don’t for that matter.  But that’s okay.  There are people around who can supply that kind of support to the Munjoy Hill News.

The original purpose was to create a  “portrait of a community” – about the vibrant and dynamic community in which we live.  I’ve focused on the paths these vibrant and dynamic people are following.    Often they are much more diverse paths than ever occurred to my generation of women to follow.   And that’s partly why it’s been so much fun to get to know you.  Recording bits of history; specifically the fact that Manny Bento was among the first Americans to serve on the USCG Eagle; captured from the Germans at the end of WW II.  Another standout for MHN were the stories about Hill photographer, Don Verger,  and his traumatic brush with the law.   You who have graciously permitted me to be curious about your lives.  This is a good opportunity for me to thank you for allowing me to snoop around in your lives!  It wouldn’t have worked without your cooperation.

The new year is also a good opportunity to let you know that in the coming days  and weeks you’ll be seeing changes in this on-line news service.  Upgrades are coming!  The format will be a little  different.  For example, there will be the same banner with colors added to it and more customized than it currently is.   For the first time,  MHN will be accepting advertising.   Advertising will help defray some of my expenses;  like new digital cameras when I accidentally drop one and break it!  It’s happened.  It could happen again I suppose!

At this point, I don’t know the extent of the changes yet, but I’m confident that under the very patient and professonal touch of Peter Beattie, , the results will be outstanding!  Peter has a long established internet service directed toward small businesses.    Neither the content of the MHN nor the name will change.  My email address will remain:  A “portrait of a community” has only begun!

Oh yes – and most importantly of all –  let’s not forget the New England Patriots – GO PATS!