Munjoy Hill Celebrates Halloween in Spooky Style


Friends of Ft. Sumner Park Welcomed Halloween Spooks This Evening.  Jay Gorham, President of the Newly Formed Non-Profit, is Second From Left.

Billy Hans, A Street Person with Willy the Grave Digger, (R) at the Gates of the Evergreen Cemetery Tonight. Willy Was Offering a One Night Deal – to Dig Your Grave for Only .75.  (Not Ready Yet, Willy!)

Steven Booth, a Hill Resident, was a Spooky Guy at Ft. Sumner Park.

Sadie Bliss, With Her Children and Family Friends as Well. On the Right in Red, is her Daughter, Juno Chanler, 4 years old.  (Sadie Wanted to be a Stewardess, but Decided to Upgrade to a Pilot for the Occasion.) They Are Posing in Front of the Roots of the Uprooted Tree in the Recent Storm.

Kate and John Nathans, Holding Gage, l l/2 years old, Are Munjoy Hill Residents.

They came.  Martha and George Washington, Robin Hood, a mouse, an airline pilot, a princess, a witch,  a space man, and gobblins.  Many gobblins. Some just came as themselves. They all came Tricking or Treating up and down  Munjoy Hill.

Friends of Ft. Sumner Park, on North Street, held its first annual Halloween Celebration.  Board members handed out packets of candy and admired the costumes of all who came.  The expansive view that was  recently preserved  from development was admired by visitors.

Out on Congress Street. at the bottom of Munjoy Hill, the Eastern Cemetery was part of the celebration as well.  Volunteers were at the gates handing out candy to visitors and amazing stories as well:

Billy Hans, 1757-1831, fought at Valley Forge, where he lost his toes to frost bite. (That’s not fake news!)   He had them this evening rattling around in  a small box…..!  When he came to Portland he discovered Demon Rum, his downfall.  With Billy is the Cemetery grave digger, Willy.  Rates are very cheap on this one night of the year.  Only .75 this one night if the body can fit into a small box.  The Cemetery is very full, you see!  Billy comes back every year from the dead to greet everyone with other spooks at the historic Cemetery! (See above left photo of the two volunteers for Spirits Alive.)

And then we heard the news of the terrorist attack in New York City this evening…

Please visit post herein dated October 27, 2017 for more background information on Halloween on the Hill.