Munjoy Heights Developer Appears Before City Planning Board with Proposal


IMG_2338By Carol McCracken  (Post # 1,541)

Jonathan Culley, Redfern Properties LLC,  appeared before the city’s planning board yesterday to describe his proposed 29-unit upscale condominium project as it stands so far, located at 79 Walnut Street, on Munjoy Hill. It was a workshop meeting and the public was welcome to comment.

Culley and his development team spoke to a group of interested parties on October 16th at the East End Community School on the Hill  about the 29-unit upscale condominium development he’s proposing on 1 l/2 acres of land which is to be purchased from seven different property owners.  The primary concern of those present was the future of the popular Jack Path, that runs through the proposed development and is mainained by Portland Trails. While most of Jack Path as is will be lost, Culley is working with Portland Trails to insure that the public will have an easement right over that property.  At the meeting before the planning board, Culley stated that he and Portland Trails had agreed on the terms of the easement, although nothing is in writing yet. Culley intends to provide access to East Cove through this development.

The challenge for this developer is constructing the units on a  downward slope.  The retainng walls will be mostly 4 ft. to 10 ft tall on the downside and up to 15 ft. on the uphill side in response to a question from Jack Soley.  Board member Timothy Dean wanted to know how the builder will handle construction on with such a slope from which to work. The construction company is Wright-Ryan.  All parking is on site.

Several board members commented that the proposal was quite complete and thorough for a first workshop with the planning board.

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