Mini Farmers’ Market Year Round at Monument Square


By Carol McCracken

For those who wish to buy all natural meat, poultry, eggs and more from local farms, it can be done on alternate Wednesday afternoons in Monument Square – its an abbreviated Farmers’ Market that runs during the summer months. Participants plan to run it right through until next spring when the regular summer one starts up.

Dan Perron was standing under a wet tarp that extended from the back of his truck far enough out to keep his new customers dry yesterday afternoon as they picked-up orders previously placed on-line. The overall numbers were down because of the miserable weather, but others curious about his new service to the area asked questions about how it works. Because of the  weather, MHN did not linger long enough to get many details, except: many of his customers prefer to ‘buy locally” because it’s a better product and the prices were reasonable. Dan is from Sumner Valley Farm in Sumner, which is near Bethel. You may call him at 388-3440 or email him at: Sumner to learn about prices and to place an order. His next trip to Monument Square will be Wednesday afternoon, December 24th.

At a truck next to Don’s several farmers had gotten together to sell fresh produce. Thirty Acres from Whitefield was one member of the co-op. Sara Ewing-Merrill had just purchased carrots, squash, potatoes and other items from this group – but everyone was in a rush because of the weather making it impossible to get more info!