Mike’s Restaurant Closes This Week “With Relief”


Mike Fink: Getting Back to What He Loves Most.

By Carol McCracken  (Post # 1,494)

Mike Fink, owner of Mike’s Restaurant, is ready to throw in the dish towel, the kitchen sink, display case and more – much more – if you are interested in purchasing  equipment from his soon to be defunct Restaurant;  that’s because  it’s closing the end of this week.

Located on Congress Street next to the offices of Planned Parenthood, Fink is tired of the twice weekly protestors who congregate outside. The protestors intimidate women seeking health care services, including abortions, on both moral and religious grounds. It has been well documented by the Portland Police Department and other officials. Because of first amendment rights, so far, the city has not taken any definitive steps to protect the rights of women who are entitled to receive medical care in a safe environment.  At a recent meeting, city councilor Cheryl Leeman said that patients have rights as well as protestors. Protestors have said should a 35 ft. buffer zone ordinance be implemented, a lawsuit will be filed.

To Fink’s surprise, yesterday morning the health inspector for the City of Portland appeared at his Restaurant door.  Fink was told that his license had expired and he’d have to close down immediately.  Right now.  Fink told the inspector that he was closing anyway on Friday after three years on the site.  Fink had informed the state his license had expired several months ago, but because he was closing, he didn’t want to renew it.  The state appeared to overlook the renewal. When Fink asked the city health inspector what would happen if he didn’t shut down immediately – presumably Mike Russell said:  “I’ll call the police.”  The police never showed and Mike’s remains open for now.

Fink, who owns the Guitar Grave next door to his Restaurant, said he decided not to renew his rental agreement on the Restaurant this month.   His business has been for sale.  “No one wants to buy a business because of the protestors,” he said.  In June of 2013 Fink announced the Restaurant business was under contract for sale with Alex Briggs.  However, that deal did not go through.  Please visit Post # 1,432, dated 6/5/13  herein for more information on the subject.

“I”m so relieved this is almost over,” Fink said yesterday.  “Now I can get back to what I really like to do.”