Midwives Picnic on Eastern Promenade Today in First Annual Event


Morgan Miller, Founder of Soft Corner Midwifery, on the Eastern Promenade on Munjoy Hill Today.  Please  Visit www.softcornermidwifery.com or call 207 – 200 – 7317. for More Information.

Vanesa Garcia,Mother of August (L) with Katy Trenbeath, Mother of Bauda, Picnic on the Eastern Prom Today And Their Spouses. Tucked Inside Katy’s Vest is Baby Bouda Who Slept Through the While Picnic!

A Group Photo of Clients of Soft Corner Midwifery on the Eastern Promenade This Afternoon.

Morgan Miller, founder of Soft Corner Midwifery, Bath was all smiles today at a community picnic for her clients on the Eastern Promenade on Munjoy Hill.  The first annual picnic gave clients from all over the state a chance to meet other new parents and in some cases make new friends.

Vanessa Garcia With New Born Son August at the Eastern Prom Picnic Today.  They Are Clients of Soft Corner Midwifery.

Lauren Howland, who is on the staff and a student, said there is a big need for this service in Maine.  The company cares for low-risk pregnancies which numbers over 90% of all pregnancies.  “Many people want options to hospital births.  There was an increase in births at home because of the pandemic.  People feel safe giving birth at home rather than in hospitals often,” Howland said. “The pandemic amplified the interest in home births,” she said.

Enjoying a picnic lunch from Whole Foods and Cong tu Bot, were Katy Trenbeath, mother of 3 week old Bauda, with another couple they met at birthing classes at Soft Corner in Bath.

” No one should have a legal right to tell someone what to do with their bodies,” said Katy referring to the recent leak from the Supreme Court that indicates it may criminalize abortions in the near future.  “Thankfully we are not affected by the baby formula mess because we are breast feedig,” she said.

“Home birth is definitely a choice you make from the get go,” said Sean Flynn, father of baby Bouda.  “People who want a hospital birth won’t change to home birth,” he said.  Bouda is named for Flynn’s Polish grandfather.

“We’ve met a handful of people and babies from Southern Maine we would not know otherwise,” said Todd Weeks of Rockland.  His company, Hi Seas Builders, constructed Congresswoman Chellie Pingree’s (D) home on North Haven following her divorce from Hedge Fund Owner Sussman in 2018.  “This has been a good chance to meet other new parents,” he said, before heading back to Rockland.

Soft Corner Midwifery provides comprehensive and Holistic Reproductive Care including Preconception Care, Holistic Gynecology, Holistic Nutrition, Postpartum Care, Newborn Care and Much More.

Soft Corner Midwifery is located at 48 Front Street, Suite 208, Bath.  Call 207 – 200 – 7317 for more information.