Mexican Restaurant Opening up on East End Next Spring Says Owner/Manager


Much of the Front of This Building at 140 Fore Street Will be  Replaced with Glass by Building Owner Jonathan Cohen, Before its Conversion  into a Mexican Restaurant for Opening Next Spring.

To help accommodate the restaurant needs of the “technology hub” springing up on Munjoy Hill, a new Mexican restaurant is currently under construction at 140 Fore Street..  Current plans call for Mesa Grande Taqueria to open next spring according to the owner/  manager Collin Henderson in a telephone conversation earlier this week.

But before the work on renovating the space starts, property owner Jonathan Cohen, is going to replace most of the front of the site with glass.  Cohen, owns the commercial division of Portland Glass, a company that his late father started and he inherited.

Henderson described the restaurant as “fast casual” with no waiting for its patrons.  The menu will include tacos, burritos, quesadilles, bowls, salads and a children’s menu.    The bar menu will include beer, wine slushies and Margaritas; it will not be a full bar menu.  All of the city permits have been obtained, but Henderson is waiting for state licenses as well.

This Maine iteration is a spin-off of Henderson’s father restaurant in Auburn, New York.  It was established in 2011.  It is expected the Munjoy HIll spin-off will be open for both lunch and dinner next spring.  For Henderson, of Yarmouth, this is a career shift to the family business.  Formerlly, he was a video producer specializing in weddings.  But the recent pandemic shut down that career path for him.