Meet Your Neighbor: Paul Drinan – Actor and Small Business Owner, Etc.


By Carol McCracken

He loves living on the Hill and everything about it; the people, the culture, the lifestyle, the political progressiveness found here as well as the opportunity for outdoor sports. So says Paul Drinan, the ‘drop dead good looking’ guy who is a small business owner, actor, political activist, etc. But he is secretive about his age – go figure!

Paul grew up in the Boston area. He’s always been interested in acting. He was the class clown in school and as he got older, he did impersonations of everyone who was famous – presidents, film stars, etc. He had the privilege of studying in New York City with Jodie McClintock, Terry Schreiber and Patsy Rodenberg – experiences that were “personal highs” for him – while acting in NYC at the same time. Paul spent one year in Los Angeles acting, but definitely prefered his NYC experience in the world of theater. Interestingly, Paul says that his agent has procured more work for him since he’s been on the Hill than when he lived in both LA or NYC. Go figure!

Paul is currently sharing the stage of the Good Theater at the St. Lawrence on the Hill with two Broadway veterans – Willi Burke and Bob M. Brooks. In a recent conversation in the patio at 92 Congress Street, Paul said its been a privilege to work with these two actors who, incidentally, are husband and wife in real life. “They are so experienced that they have a lot to give. They make my job a lot easier to do. I’ve learned a lot from them as well as they’ve reminded me of things I’d forgotten.” The name of the play is “On Golden Pond”. It runs through October 12. The original movie starred Henry Fonda, Katharine Kepburn and Jane Fonda.

Another significant achievement for Paul was co- founding a local Shakespearean acting group which is an offshoot of Acorn Productions. Since before his days in NYC, Shakespeare has been one of his icons. Currently, he’s taking a break from acting in that group, however. Politics likewise is never far from his thoughts. He’s been involved in many local campaigns, but he has no interest in being a candidate for office himself. “I don’t want the constant scrutiny,” he says. “When it’s on the stage that’s by choice.”

Paul owns his own construction business, Dirigo Co.. which pays the bills that acting, modeling, commercials. and catalogue modeling don’t pay. As he gets on his bicycle for a workout for a duathon he will be entering soon, he says: “By the way, I might do something really juicy at Good Theater next year.” But it’s too soon to confirm. MHN never did find out his age – maybe he’s ageless, just like his hero Shakespeare – Portland audiences can hope!