Meet Your Neighbor: Michael Gurney, Student With A Truck To Haul Away Your Unwanted Heavy Items! No Trash, Please


By Carol McCracken

Should you need more than fall leaves (see previous post) removed from your property, there is someone living on the Hill who will pick-up heavy stuff and take it to the dump for you. He will pick up furniture, carpeting and other heavy items as long as it is not “trash.” His name is Michael Gurney.

Michael Gurney, 20, owns a red 8 ft. flat bed truck in which he can haul to the dump unwanted items. He’s a student at Southern Maine Community College and expects to graduate next spring – certified to be a boiler technician. In the meantime, Michael is looking for ways to earn some extra money for his education. He also works as a cashier at Colucci’s Market on the Hill. Michael is a lifelong resident of the Hill.

He charges by the weight of what he’s hauling. Obviously, Michael has a busy schedule, but Friday is his day off. Please call him at 766-8954 for more details.