Meet Your Neighbor: Markos Miller, Announces Run for Mayor


Markos Miller Announcing His Candidacy at Lincoln Park Earlier This Week

By Carol McCracken  (Post # 803)

“My name is Markos Miller and I want to be your Mayor,” he said two days ago at a press conference announcing his candidacy in Lincoln Park.  Surrounded by family and friends, Miller said Portland is in the “midst of incredible transformation….will we be the authors of our own story…or will we be but characters swept up by forces seemingly beyond our control?”

Miller went on to cite his many community activies as background that gives him skills and qualities that are necessary to bring “our shared vision of a sustainable future closer to reality.” He has served as president of the Munjoy Hill Neighborhood Organization, was involved with the redesigning of the Community Development Block Grant program, and co-chaired the Franklin Street Study Group to name a few. 

“Portland has lacked a stategic plan to address issues on all fronts- from meaningful citizen engagement to economic development to regional planning.  As Mayor I will strive to build consensus, in neighborhoods, on the council and with neighboring communities and to translate this into actionable, accountable measures,” he added.

Miller is  a high school Spanish teacher. He lives with his wife and son on the Hill.  

For more background information, please see Post # 798, dated June 6th, herein.

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  1. Markos is a hard-working man with an exceptional vision. Portland will be lucky to have him as Mayor.

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