Meet Your Neighbor: Lisa Carey, Novelist & Panelist At Maine Festival Of The Book


By Carol McCracken

Lisa Carey has written four novels and most likely she will be coming out with another book- although she doesn’t know when that will be. It’s a memoir rather than fiction. She began work on it over three years ago and the work on it was interrupted by the birth of her son, Liam. She’s returned to writing again.

Lisa hails from Massachusetts. She always loved to write, but was always shy about it. She never showed it to anyone in her undergraduate days in Boston. However, that changed when she earned her MFA from Vermont College. While there she began work on her first novel. Following her education, Lisa moved to the west coast of Ireland where she lived for five years. There she negotiated a two-book deal with her publisher – and the rest is of record. She has four novels to her credit. MHN has read two of them and highly recommends them.

In the interim, Lisa returned to New England. Eventually she met Tim Spalding who shortly thereafter became her husband. The couple moved to Munjoy Hill. This is home to the couple and Liam. However, Lisa would just as soon live on an island because she needs the privacy to concentrate on her writing. “I always have to escape to write,” says Lisa. For one book she wrote, she was accepted to the prestigious Macdowell Colony in New Hampshire. It’s an isolated community dedicated to providing private living where talented writers can pursue their work.

Munjoy Hill is where Tim started his business. It’s an online book club. It has grown sufficiently so that he now employs a small staff. Please visit to learn more about “the world’s largest book club!” This past Saturday afternoon, Lisa Carey was invited to participate in the third annual Maine Festival of the Book. She was on a panel addressing “Maine as Inspiration and the Craft of Writing.” Some of the above information was derived from that panel. Her novels are available in local bookstores and on-line.