Meet Your Neighbor: Jeremy Pacella, With Tips on Enjoying St. Patrick’s Day…


Jeremy Pacella:  "Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!" By Carol McCracken (Post # 415)

The invasion of the green shirts began early yesterday morning and continued late into the night in the Old Port’s Irish Pubs. One of those partaking in the bar hopping was Hill resident Jeremy Pacella. (See Jeremy in left photo.)

When spotted Jeremy he was with buddies wearing green short sleeve shirts somewhere between Brian Boru Pub and Bull Feeney’s. Jeremy had started his day at the Port Hole at 7:30 am. Comedian Bob Marley was there. After a buffet breakfast, Guinness and Irish Coffee, he started out for Brian Boru with his buddies. But something happened on the way there. A sea gull flew over him and left a small package on his shoulder! “That was a good luck sign,” he said, laughing.

Jeremy who works at the Portland Harbor Hotel in guest relations said: “I love living on the Hill. I lived on the west end before, but had to come back less than a year ago because I really missed the Hill.” Jeremy attends classes at SMCC because someday he hopes to get into film production. His advice for enjoying the entire day of bar hopping without feeling the affects of it is: “I’ve been pacing myself all day. And hydrate, hydrate, hydrate,” he said. He said he’d been drinking a lot of water since the morning.

Meanwhile, Roger Knipp, manager, at Brian Borg’s said he’d ordered 22 kegs of Guinness on Monday. By 2 pm 19 of those kegs were gone. “We are ahead of last year,” Knipp said. He also said that customers were lined up outside the front door at 5:30 am, but the doors didn’t open until 7 am; when liquor could be served. Stephen Fiske, said: “I don’t need to wear green. I have enough Irish pride in me already.” He’s a student at Maine College of Art.

Chris Dostie, walking in the area of the former Jordan’s Meat plant said: “I half expected to see the shamrock bandit out there. It’s done for Valentine’s Day. Why not St. Patty’s Day?”

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  1. Is anyone proof reading these posts? It should be Brian Boru, among other things.

    Otherwise, great job, keep up the good work.

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