‘Media Mike’ Chitwood Bashes Neo-Nazis on CNN Television

"Media" Mike Chitwood is the Sheriff in a County in Florida.

“Media” Mike Chitwood, Formerly Portland Police Chief. for 17 Years, on CNN Cable News This Morning.

“Media MIke” Chitwood appeared  on CNN cable news this morning – just before 8:00 am.  He made the  news this morning for his calling out neo-nazi cults that are a danger to this nation and are brazenly active in cities across the nation – including Portland on April 1, 2023.

Chitwood served as police chief in Portland for 17 years where he earned the nickname “Media Mike” because of his visibility in this position. Prior to becoming Portland’s Police Chief, Chitwood was a homicide detective in Philadelphia, Pennsylvanvia, his home town. He has resurfaced as the sheriff in a Florida county.

This morning he admitted to supporting Donald Trump for President in the past.  If elected president again next year, Sheriff Chitwood asked Trump to help in battling the neo-nazis in the nation.  “Help us,” he emplored Trump if re-elected president.   “Help us.  We can’t cuddle and cozy up to extremists.”

If Sheriff Chitwood had been police chief in Portland on April 1 2023  when a neo-nazi group invaded Portland, city residents can be assured the reaction of the Portland Police Department would have been far different than what it actually was.  The Portland Police Department under his leadership would have been more aggressive.  The response of the passive city couinci and the “do nothing” Mayor Kate Snyer would have been different.  The response of the unqualified interiam city manager West would have been different as well.

City hall came under fire by the public for its “inaction” during the neo-nazi rally in Portland  at a city council meeting on April 10, 2023.   Some even calling for the resignation of the interim police chief Health Gorham.  Both Gorham and West are currently under consideration for permanency in the positions they hold at this time.  The inaction of Portland authorities even prompted Cumberland County DA Sartoris to announce her dissatisfaction with Portand’s handling of the invasion of this neo-nazi group.  Addidtionally, she went on to propose a step-by-step plan for the city of Portland to implement in the future in similar situations.

It’s time to clean house at city hall.

For background information on the reaction of city residents to the “inaction” of the Potland Police Department and city officials in general during the April 1, 2023 Rally, please visit post herein dated April 10, 2022.