Mayor Strimling’s Loosing Bet Leads to Hair-Shaving Fundraiser; 2/16/18


Mayor Ethan Strimling At an outdoor Press Conference at City Hall Last Spring.  Strimling is Soon to Loose his Handsome Black Hair!

Mayor Ethan Strimling lost a bet with the Mayor of Portland, Pennsylvania.  The bet was that the favored New England Patriots would defeat the underdogs – the  Philadelphia Eagles in the Super Bowl this year.  Patriots fans know how that went;  it was a 41 – 33 stunning loss.  So now, it’s up to the Mayor to pay off his bet – an event scheduled to happen on Friday, February 16th at Presumpscot Elementary School, at 2:15 pm.  The winning Mayor is Lance Prator, of Portland, Pennsylvania.  He will attend the Friday event as well.

The bet with the Pennsylvania mayor included Maine lobster, local craft beer and that Strimling would shave his head of black locks if the Patriots lost. But Strimilng has decided to turn a negative into a positive.  According to his facebook page, anyone who donates $100. to the Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital at Maine Medical Center will have an opportunity to help shear his locks.

“I hope they (school students at Presumpscot) learn about turning lemons into lemonade,” the Mayor said in the press release issued by the city.   “And of course about Barbara Bush Hospital and all the good work it does.” Portland superintendent of schools Xavier Botana said:  ‘We’re grateful to the Mayor for teaching our students that gambling does not pay.”

Who gets to keep the Mayor’s wavy locks?