Figurehead Mayor Getting Special Assistant; Who Knew?; Strimling Knew.

Ethan Strimling Taking the Oath of Office for the Second Popularly Elected Mayor in Many Years.

Ethan Strimling Taking the Oath of Office  for Mayor Last Year at City Hall.

By Carol McCracken  (Post # 2,534)

The City of Portland is hiring a special assistant for the newly elected Mayor Ethan Strimling. The successful candidate will  work with the Mayor on “public policy expectations” according to an announcement from the human resources office at city hall.  The just created position will pay between $55,575 – $74,490 annually.  Plus generous benefits. Who knew?

The duties for this position include “developing, analyzing and achieving public policy goals and building community coalitions around same; providing speech-writing and public communications for the Mayor; assisting with City Council committees where needed; standing in for the Mayor at internal meetings when the Mayor cannot attend; assisting individual Councilors on an as-needed basis; working closely with the Sr. Executive Assistant who provides scheduling and administrative assistance in order to coordinate efforts; and performing other related work as required’  –  according to the job description.

Who knew we tax payers needed an assistant to the Mayor?  Did you? Mayor Michael Brennan was a bargain compared to this guy.   Apparently Mayor Brennan did the work of two people!

Requirements for the position include “graduation from an accredited college or university with a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science, Public Administration or other closely related field, with five (5)years experience in public policy, political relations, or a related field; ability to handle multiple high-priority projects and complete deadlines; excellent public relations and facilitation skills; ability to analyze a variety of administrative problems, to make recommendations for their solution, and put such recommendations into effect;”  The successful candidate also needs to have a car with a clean driving record!   Etc. etc. etc.

Sounds like a good resume for someone wanting to be Mayor.  Sounds like credentials that Mayor Strimling doesn’t have himself. That’s because Strimling attended the revered Julliard in New York City. The School prepares students for performance careers in drama, music and dance –  where he was pursuing a career in acting. Probably a career in politics is almost as good as a career in acting!

How long then will it be before the special assistant to the mayor needs an assistant to the special assistant to the mayor who needs a …………….? Out of control hiring at City Hall?

What’s the Mayor going to be doing in between trips to the water cooler and cafeteria after his special assistant is hired?

RUN FOR CONGRESS!  (It’s long been known that the recently elected Mayor Strimling has ambitious political goals; nothing wrong with that.)  Will he use the Mayoral  position as a stepping stone to achieve those loftier goals?

Contact the Human Resources Office, City Hall, Room 115 Congress Street, Portland, ME  04101 Email to apply online go to jobs.  Deadline for applications is Thursday, January 21, 2016.  Not a lot of time, so hurry.

editor’s note: has reached out to  the Figurehead for comment, but has not received any.  The City Manager offered to respond on behalf of the Mayor, but has not been heard from either.