Mayor Strimling and Wife Split Over His Infidelity; Office Upgrade Coming!

Mayor Ethan Strimling Last Summer

Mayor Ethan Strimling Last Summer

Expansion of the New Suite for Figurehead Strimling.

Expansion of the Special Suite for  Strimling is On-going. Who Knew?

Carol McCracken (Post # 2,572)

Mayor Ethan Strimling and his wife of about 10  years have split. The Mayor has maintained a romantic relationship with Stephanie Clifford, his campaign manager, for Portland’s mayor last year. She’s also married.  The couple plans to marry eventually said  one source trying to put a positive spin on this embarrassing episode in his friend’s life,  if there is one.  “This is TRULY love,” the source said.  “He’s not a womanizer.”  Allegedly, the Figurehead is laying out a framework  for a run for the US Congress someday.

Rumors about the split have been circulating for several months now. But recently sources familiiar with the situation confirmed the split and the circumstances to  Last November Strimling defeated incumbent Mayor Michael Brennan and became the second popularly elected Mayor in many years. One of the sources learned of the split immediately following  November day. That  begs the question – was the split kept under wraps  until after election day?  Not good PR for the Figurehead.  Not good at all.

The newly elected Mayor came under fire when it was first revealed herein on January 12, 2016 (Post # 2,534) that he was hiring a special assistant to perform many of the duties that  the Mayor was elected  to perform –  or in his image.  Speculation, and that’s all it is, is that this was a position created for his girlfriend. Interviews for the job as special assistant to the Mayor are expected to begin next week. There were 57 applicants for the position. Apparently, city manager Jon Jennings found money somewhere otherwise not allocated to pay the salary and benefits for the special assistant to the Figurehead.

Who will Strimling’s “brain” be?  His future wife?

Meanwhile, Strimling is moving his city hall office from a modest location on the second floor that was occupied by the no-frills Mayor Brennan to a special suite – the  special suite he’s moving to is to the left of the administrative offices for the city on the same floor. The special space is currently being renovated to make it  larger for the Figurehead and one other office for his special assistant?  The cost is $5,000.00.  Supporting the financial whims and the emotional needs of the Flawed  Figurehead is getting expensive for the city.   Who knew?  This all speaks to character and to judgment – or lack thereof.

By the way, where is the Mayor?  He never seems to be in his old office  and no one has a clue where he is. Hmmmm.

Two emails to the Flawed Figurehead  seeking comment have gone unanswered to date.

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6 thoughts on “Mayor Strimling and Wife Split Over His Infidelity; Office Upgrade Coming!

  1. I wish people has something better to do than slander and make everyone’s personal business news stories. I am sure there are innocent people who will be hurt by this story and possibly someones children.. PATHETIC

  2. This type of behaviour cost Spitzer and Weiner their jobs! I am appalled that as a Portland citizen there are no consequences to his and her actions! I am not one to cast stones but I am not running for office.

  3. Never liked the guy…had a sense he was not what he appeared to be. He is a dirtbag for sure…sure glad his wife has her freedom from him. Great person to represent the city of Portland. He may run for another seat at some point….hopefully his behavior and lack of morals follow him!

  4. Using terminology like “Flawed Figurehead” undermines this “reporting”. I like my news stories to be unbiased – just the facts, please, not wild speculation.

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