MAPS Cafe Opening in June for Old Port Festival; Owned by Managers to Celebs!

One Decorative Map at MAPS Cafe.

One Decorative Map at MAPS Cafe.

A Map at the Entrance to the New Cafe at 46 Market Street.

A Map of New England at the Entrance to the New Cafe at 46 Market Street.

By Carol McCracken  (Post # 1,757)

MAPS Cafe plans to open in time for the Old Port Festival in early June, although it is still very much a work-in-progress because the business has just been issued its building permit.  The young couple who own the business say it will primarily be a bar with a limited menu of grilled cheese sandwiches and home-baked cakes.  They will server all local beers and bottled beers from countries they have visited.  MAPS is located at 46 Market Street; next to the Market Street entrance to Sherman’s Books & Stationery.

However, one theme has emerged from a walk-through of the work-in-progress Cafe –  there are maps everywhere – on the walls, sitting on the floor waiting to be mounted and on tables. They will be widely displayed in the Cafe once it opens. These maps  are from the collections of Vikki Walker, 31m  and her husband, Kyle Tzrinski, 37.  Both are world-wide travelers, although he less so these days  than his English wife, Walker.   Currently, Walker is on tour with singer Lady Gaga promoting her most recent album, “POPART.” She is in charge of her dressing room and making  certain that all of her costumes are in place.  After working for the star for  years, the glamour of it all wears off, the attractive Walker said yesterday afternoon.  She has also worked for Elton John in a similar capacity.

Meanwhile, her husband Kyle Tzrinski, is the merchandize manager for the singing group Mumford & Sons.  They performed several years ago on the Eastern Promenade, a major event in Portland, that attracted fans from all over the country.  Although Tzinski once  travelled  extensively with them, he’s now works from the couple’s home – in Parkside.  “We made a decision recently to settle down.  It’s hard to maintain a relationship when I’m traveling so much. We came to Portland and said this is it!” said Walker enthusiastically.  Tzrinski is from Vermont and said he wanted to live in the New England area.  He will continue to work for the group and serve as bartender at MAPS as well.  “I think he just wants to serve beer and hang out at the bar,” said Walker of her husband.  Walker is leaving next week for another tour with Lady Gaga promoting her latest album. That tour will last through July.  But she expects to take a break in early June and be here for the opening of the Cafe.  Her future plans are less defined at this time, although she did say:  “When you get married your priorities change.  I’m tired of living out of a suitcase. We have so much fun when we are together.  I miss that.  I have to make the change.”

Will Lady Gaga show up in the Old Port for the opening of MAPS Cafe during the tour break?  “I won’t hold my breath,” said the delightful Walker laughing.

The Cafe will be open seven days a week from 2 pm – 11 pm.