Making His Point About Michael Brown; “Hands Up-Don’t Shoot”

Carlin Whitehouse Making a Point on Commercial Street Today.

Carlin Whitehouse Making a Point on Commercial Street Today.

By Carol McCracken  (Post # 2,239)

“We are pretty isolated up here in Maine.  It’s pretty easy for us Caucasians to be ignorant of other people’s’ experiences.  A big part of moving forward is shutting up and listening to each other,” said Carlin Whitehouse, this afternoon on Commercial Street.  “A lot of us don’t really get to benefit from living in the richest country in the world.”

Whitehouse, a Maine native,  was referring to last nights decision that the grand jury would not indict Police Officer Darren Wilson who shot Michael Brown, Jr. this summer. The decision caused outrage resulting in violence in Ferguson and across the country  last night and continues today.

Whitehouse, 35, is a student at SMCC in South Portland.  He’d like to teach health in either middle or high school.  “I just wanted to help keep the conversation going and spread awareness of the situation.  I feel strongly, disregarding the facts of this case of Michael Brown, that people of color are treated differently by the system.  There’s a lot of injustice.  Social justice has always been close to my heart.”

Whitehouse began his mission this morning at SMCC.  There he set up a table intended to  bring awareness to a population unexposed to the experiences of people of color in other cities.  Eventually, he made a loop around the Old Port ending on Commercial Street where he was meeting friends at RiRa.  He got lots of “thumbs up.”

“Hands up Don’t Shoot” – will always have a special meaning from this time forward.