Many Mainers Will Cast Votes for “Ceasefire” Over Biden in Tuesday’s Primary


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Hundreds of Democratic and unenrolled voters have pledged to withhold votes from incumbent President Joe Biden in Maine’s super Tuesday primary.  These voters will instead cast a write-in vote for “ceasefire” in a protest against the Biden administration’s  support for Israeli’s war on Gaza.

The Maine Coalition for Palestine launched their “write in ceasefire” campaign on Thursday morning.  The initiative drew over 300 signatures in several hours. According to the petition – “two-thirds of Americans want a ceasefire in Gaza, but you are not listening to us.  I intend to write-in and vote for a ceaaefire in the presidential primvary ballot on March 5 in Maine to send a message that you cannot take our votes for granted.”

The initiative follows the “Listen to Michigan”  campaign, whose more than 100,000 registered Democrats cast primary votes for “uncommitted,” drawing critical support away from President Biden.  Similar “uncommitted” campaigns have surfaced in states like Colorado where organizers hope to leverage an “uncommitted”  ballot choice to expose slim margins and Biden’s vulnerability without Arab Americans, Muslim and young voter support.  The MIchigan results made national news, with organizers telling Biden to “count them out for genocide.”  Maine does not have the option to vote uncommitted and does not count write-ins submitted after October 1st, but the Coalition for Palestine will deliver the petition with a tally of how many “blank” ballots were cast for “ceasefire” instead of the registered candidates.

Jesse Mattson with Maine Healthcare workers for Palestine said:  ‘We will not re-elect a candidate that has funded and armed the destruction of Gaza’s healthcare system.  Healdthcare professionals dedicate our labor to save lives and commit to do no harm, yet Israel continues to kill, kidnap and torture our colleagues in Palestine.”

The Israel-Gza war is entering its fifth month.  The Palestine death toll surpased 30,000 Thursday am when Israeli tanks and snipers shelled crowds gathered to receive food aid.