Mainers Demand Independent Investigation and Resignation of AG Sessions


Gordon Adams and Marie Follayttar-Smth, co-leaders of Mainers for Accountable Leadership at a Rally on the Steps of City Hall Earlier This Year.

The alleged effort of Russia to interfere with our election last year and possible collusion with the Trump campaign has not been taken seriously enough according to a coalition at a rally yesterday afternoon in Bangor.

Rally sponsors called for a fully independent investigation with an independent counsel as well.

On January 6th, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence released a declassified report that concluded that Russian officials “ordered an influence campaign in 2016 and aimed at the US presidential election,” according to a press release issued by Mainers for Accountable Leadership, (“MFAL”).   Since then, a number of rump campaign officials have been found to have met with Russian officials during the campaign.  Attorney General Jeff Sessions held two meetings with Russian officials while serving as a representative of the Trump campaign.  During the confirmation hearing, he falsely denied having had contact with Russian officials.  Sessions announced last week he has recused himself from the Justice Department inquiry into the Russian election meddling.

“Senator Collins needs to take the lead in advocating the removal of Sessions from his post as Attorney General.  She championed his appointment to the post and it is clear now that she could not have been more wrong.  She can start to repair the damage by working now for his removal,” said Marie Follayttar Smith, a leader of MFAL.

“A foreign government interfered with our election and may well have changed the outcome in favor of the candidate who did not win the popular vote.  Our democracy depends on free and fair elections without foreign intervention by hostile nations.  This investigation is of the utmost national security importance.  We must have an independent counsel investigation  – someone above reproach – someone with no ties to partisan politics and with full subpoena power to everything related to the case, including the tax records of Donald Trump and the Trump enterprises,” said Sean Faircloth, a former state senator.

For more information on Mainers for Accountable Leadership, MFAL, please email  Please read background information on this Rally herein dated March 9, 2017.

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