MaineCDC Director: “Trend is in our Favor” at Briefing Today


Dr. Nirav Shah, D irector of MaineCDC at Today’s Briefing.

Dr. Nirav Shah, Director of the MaineCDC. reported at todays briefing that the trends are in our favor.  As of today, 408 people are hospitalized statewide.  Two weeks ago that number was up to 413 people.  As of today, 88 people are in ICU units.  Two weeks ago 106 people were in ICU units.  As today, 38 people are on ventilators.  Two weeks ago 57 people were on ventilators.  The positivity rate is at 17.4% as of today.  Two weeks ago it was at 19.8%.  The highest percentage on January 17 was 21.5%.

Dr. Shah stated that although “things may feel dark because there is so much bad news. There is hope.  The trend is in our favor,” he said.

Dr. Shah also said that 3,000 doses of vaccine are administered  every day.  77.3% of every eligible Maine resident is fully vaccinated.  Maine is tied in first place in the nation with 51.4% eligible residents vaccinated.  It ranks # 3 in the country with people over 65 years of age who are fully vaccinated.

The vaccination clinic at the Armory in Augusta will be closing down tomorrow.  However, testing will be done randomly.  Dr. Shah announced that three vaccination clinics will be opening.  One is at the Windham Mall, the second is in Biddeford and the the third opens on January 31 in Auburn.

“Omicron is milder, but not mild,” Dr. Shah said.

Weekly briefings are given every Wednesday at 2:00 pm by Dr. Shah.  It can be seen on Maine Public Television.