Maine Red Claws Rally for Boston Celtics in Last Game for NBA Championship


Red Claws Rally for the Boston CelticsBy Carol McCracken (Post # 497)

Tonight is the seventh and last game for the NBA championship. The Boston Celtics are playing the Los Angeles Lakers on the west coast in a decades long rivalry between the two teams. The game begins at 9 pm.

“This is a public show of support for the Celtics,” said Jana Spaulding this afternoon at the rally in Monument Suqare. “We have strong ties to the Celtics,” said Spaulding, the director of public & community relations for the Maine Red Claws. Jon Jennings, an owner of the team was an assistant coach for the Celtics back in the mid 80s.

“The Celtics were great to us this season. They assigned us four players over the course of our first season. They were instrumental in our team’s success,” Spaulding said. The Red Claws tied the league record for wins by an expansion team in their first season. The team missed getting into the playoffs by one game.

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