Maine Med Nurses Reach First Agreement on Historic First Union Contract


The Entrance to Maine Medical Center

Registered nurses at Maine Medical Center have reached a final “tentative agreement” with hospital administradtion on the first union contract covering issues such as patient and workplace safety, wages, benefits and working conditions, announced the Maine State Nurses Association (MSNA) this morning.  Nurses know a strong union contract directly translates into safer, higher-quality patient care.

DThis announcement comes on the heels of the nurses recertification victory on August 18, 2022, which Maine Medical RNs won by a nearly 3-1 to 1 margin of 76% to 24%, showing overwhelmimg support for the union.

“The momentum from our high recertification victory gave us the infal push we needed to get this deal donw,” said Nadine Kern, a member of the union bargaining team and critical care nurse.  “Nurses are more engaged and unified than ever.  Its our unity that makes us strong.”

Some of the wins in the nurses’ agreement include guaranteed breaks andmealtimes, guaranteed safe floadting practices, minimum orientation times for newly graduated nurses, an independent “Professional Practice Committee,” to deal with patient safety and nurse practice issues and ending the practice of mandatory reotating shifts, where nurses are forced to work day shifts on some weeks and then night shifts on other weeks.

The nurses will hold a contract ratification vote next week.  Once the contract is passed, the agreement will be in place for three years.

MSNA represents 2,000 nurses at Maine Medical Center and nearly 4000 RNs in the State of Maine.

For more background information, please visit post herein dated August 18, 2022, “Maine Med Nurses Overwhelmingly Vote Yes to Keep the Uhion.”