UPDATED: Maine GOP Opens LePage’s “Multicultural” Community Center on Hill


Demi Kouzounas, State Republican Chairman for Maine.   She is Serving her Third, Two Year Term in That Position.

A Buffet Was Served to Those Attending the Grand Opening, 100 Congress Street, in a Former Real Estate Office.

The Maine GOP Multiculural Community Center, 100 Congress Street, Opened Today.

“I’m proud to call the United States my new home,” said  Demi Kouzounas, at the Grand Opening of the Maine GOP Multicultural Community Center on Munjoy HIll this morning.

“Ultimately, my goal is to have a location within walking distance for the people to gather and help each other out,” Kouzounes said.  “We will offer legal advice, interpretators,and  financial advice needed to start a business.  They don’t need the government, they need each other.”

The list of specific goals of this new organization is ambitious and the LePage  Center is still looking for volunteers to help accomplish these goals.   The agenda also includes workforce development, resume building, food pantry, and assisting new Mainers with preparing for citizenship tests to name just a few goals intended to help members of the immigrant community – all without the assistance of the government.

Embedded in the written agenda provided to this blogger is the political agenda of the new LePage  Multicultural Center.  Voter registration, political training and teaching American History and political ideology are among agenda items with a political twist to them. It is unclear how many new immigrants live within WALKING distance of this Center that is located in the center of Portland’s most upscale neighborhood.

Kouzounas, who came to the US from Iraq ten years ago, is well educated.as well as well-placed in her political position for Maine Republicans.  She holds a degree in microbiology earned in Baghdad, a business degree earned in Sudan and she earned a master’s degree from the Muskie School of Public Service recently. She currently works as a HR generalist in the Secretary of State’s office in Augusta.  IRONY:  Kouzounas works for the state government in Augusta, but she doesn’t want the government helping fellow immigrants – just help her.

When Kouzounas was asked by this blogger her response to the abusive way in which Republican politicans questioned Judge Jackson during her confirmation hearing for the Supreme Court, she became defiant and responded:  “I don’t like your pivot.  Is the Supreme Court nominee related to a new immigrant?  I don’t know the details because it’s irrelevant.”  The interview quickly came to an end as she stormed out of the small room at the Center where we had been talking, offended by this bloger’s question.  Interview over. The far-reaching conversation even delved into her battle with weight and how she overcame it. Done.  Pivot?

Pivot she said?  The real pivitor is the former Governor of Maine Paul LePage who attended the Grand Opening today. LePage pivoted from his telling the NAACP to “kiss my butt,” and other similarly offensive remarks during his tenure as Governor of Maine to embracing immigrants at the Grand Opening. LePage also supported former President Trump’s immigration ban.  He desparately wants to be Governor again.  Desparate person.

“Since Paul LePage left office, Maine has become an open and welcoming state – a state that sends the clear message to new Mainers that if you are willing to work hard, then there will be opportunity for you to succeed here.

For eight years prior, the Maine GOP – led by Paul LePage – insulted new Mainers, that sowed deep division among them and left them feeling not only unwelcome, but geuinely scared for themselves and their future. Opening a campaign office during an election year isn’t going to erase the harm that Paul LePage has done to new Mainers or made them forget who he really is, what he stands for and what he thinks of them,” is part of a statement released by the Maine Democratic Party, Drew Gattine, Chair.

The Center will be staffed by volunteers, with no help from the government.