Maine GOP Chair: “All These Emotional Issues They’re Bringing up, Abortion Included, Doesn’t Mean Anything”


Demi Kouzounas, State Republican Chairman for Maine.  This Photo Was Taken on April 5, 2022, at the Grand Opening on Munjoy Hill of the Maine GOP Multicultural Center.

On Saturday, as thousands of Mainers across the state protested the Supreme Court’s looming decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, the Maine GOP held a press conference where they proclaimed that abortion is not an issue “that Mainers actually care about.”  Even as protestors drowned out the press conference, GOP speakers scoffed at the idea that Mainers might care about the threat their anti-abortion policies pose:

MAINE GOP CHAIR DEMI KOUZOONAS: “All these emotional issues they’re bringing up, abortion ihcluded doesn’t mean anything.”

MAINE GOP EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR JASON SAVAGE:  “We were here to talk about the problems that Maine face and we got abortion chants and disruption because the other side does not want to talk about the issues that people are facing.”

SENATOR TREY STEWART:  “It’s pretty telling when you’ve got folks on either side (of the Republicans) that are drowing out the message that Mainers actually care they are talking about abortion.”

The Maine GOP’s comments downplaying the importance of abortion rights come just weeks after they officially enshrined hardline oppostion to abortion into the party’s platform.  Many Maine Republicans celebrated the potential end of Roe, seeking to follow the lead of other Republican-controlled states and criminalize abortion, including anti-abortion gubernatorial candidate Paul LePage, who recently indicated he would sign abortion restrictions into law if elected. The Maine GOP falsely believe that the people of Maine – who are overwhelmingly pro-choice – won’t care about having their abortion rights taken away.

The Maine GOP wants to downplay the importance of abortion in this election because they know their plan to take away Maines’ reproductive freedom is incredibly unpopular,” said Drew Gattine, Chair of the Maine Democratic Party.  “If the protests this weekend are any indication, it’s clear they won’t get away with it.  Maine people do not want to lose their right to make their own decisions about their reproductive health and future and they know that the Maine GOP wants to take that right away.  To safeguard reproductive freedom for all Mainers, we must re-elect Governor Janet T. Mills (D) and Democrats up-and-down the ballot this November.”

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