Maine Brewers’ Draw Crowd to Portland Waterfront Fundraiser


Lori and Bill Bisch Enjoying Their Favorites at Today’s Fundraiser.

By Carol McCracken  (Post # 1,470)

The craft beers were good and cold, there was a nice breeze off the ocean and plenty of wonderful food pepared by Sebago Brewing Company at today’s fundraiser for the Maine Brewers’ Guild on the Maine State Pier – conditions were so good today that probably helped draw substantially over 700 people to the event according to organizers.

Some had definite favorites and others did not have favorites from among the thirty craft beer vendors serving on the Pier. For “VIP”s who paid $75., they could sample from among a large selection of “rare” beers between noon and 1:00 pm.  Others could sample from among thirty or so vendors from 1:00 – 4:00 for $50.

Lori Bisch said her favorite came from the new Rising Tide brewery on the East End – Daymark.  Her husband, Bill, preferred Lunch from the Maine Brewing Company.  It has a lot of flavor with a moderate level of alcohol, he said.  Tom Atwell, a beer and gardening columnist for MaineMediaToday said there were a lot of good beers at the fundraiser. One of his favorites came from Rising Tide – Hey Buddy. It’s a malty, flavorful and low alcoholic content beer. “You can drink a lot of it over a period of time and not get drunk on it. I meeting my sister-in-law soon and I need to be sober,” he said laughing. Nicole Potter, who came from Topsham, said her favorite was also Lunch from Maine Beer Company. Potter said the beer was named by the Bar Harbor Whale Watch Co.  after the whale was hit by a boat downeast.  She is missing part of a fin.

Less committal to his preference was city employee Jeff Levine.  “It’s nice there weren’t long lines,” he said.  “The beers I had were really good and, NO, I’m not driving home!”  “This was a great day to drink beer on the pier,” said Keith and Laurie Tannenbaume, Auburn.

Sebago Brewing Company supplied:  1,300 sausages, 185 lbs. of tortellini salad, 800 pretzels and 175 lbs. of sauerkraut (sp?) according to Brad Monarch and Tim Haines,  of Sebago.