Maine and UK Agree to Advance Environmental Issues Together


William Cox, is a Animal Behavior and Art Major at the University of New England.  This Photo was Taken Several Years ago at a Rally at City Hall, Portland. 

Earlier this week, Governor Janet Mills and the United Kingdom’s Minister of State, announced the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to enhance cooperation between the state of Maine and the UK to pursue ambitious advancement in clean energy technologies and mutually achieve neutrality by mid-century or sooner.

The MoU signed by Governor and the UK’s Minister Kwanteng will strengthen a bilateral partnership between Maine and the UK to promote and foster sustainable growth, support innovation and strengthen the global response to climate change.

Specifically, the MoU commits Maine and the UK to collaborate and share resources to reduce emissions from heating and transportation and advance innovative offshore wind and green hydrogen technology.  It also calls for cooperation on evaluating impacts of offshore wind on fisheries and the marine environment, workforce development and port infrastructure.

The genesis for this agreement came in early 2020, following Governor Mills’ visit to Scotland as part of a US delegation of state and federal officials invited by the UK government to learn more about offshore wind energy.

The MoU took effect on Wednesday, December 9, 2020 and will remain valid for a period of five years.