Lolita Opening In May in the Former Hilltop Coffee Shop on Munjoy Hill

Lauren J. Reiter, a New Owner of Lolita - Opening in May

Lauren J. Reiter, a New Owner of Lolita – Opening in May

By Carol  McCracken  (Post # 1,717)

There is good news on Munjoy Hill amidst all the parking bans, snow piles and frigid  temperatures;  think ahead to May!

May is when Lolita, a  fine dining restaurant,  will open its door to a welcoming community of restaurant goers.  The restaurant will serve American cuisine with a Mediterranean flair, said Lauren Reiter, Retier Architecture & Design, a new partner in the business with her husband Neil, already co-owned by Stella and Guy Hernandez.

Lolita will be open six days a week for both lunch and dinner, said Guy this morning.   It seats 28 and will be not much smaller than BarLola did; it seated 32 guests.  BarLola closed down in December of 2013.   That popular and highly successful restaurant was owned exclusively by the Hernandez couple who live on Munjoy Hill.

Details of the menu and interior of the restaurant are not available at this time.