Liberty Bell Moving Settles With Maine AG After Threatening Consumers Posting Negative Reviews


The office of the Attorney General has entered into an agreement with Liberty Bell Moving & Storage Inc., and its owner, Kevin Finkenaur, after its investigation found the company in violation of the federal Consumer Review Fairness Act, the Maine Unfair Trade Practices Act and regulations for businesses that engage in interstate moving operations.  In the agreement, which was approved by the US District Court, the business and Mr. Finkenaur agreed that they will pay $125,000 and refrain from engaging in a number of illegal business practices, including no longer using a misleading email address indicating it was the account of the company’s attorney.  Mr. Finkenaur used the email address to threaten customers who left negative reviews of the company’s services.  The parties also agreed that Liberty Bell’s consumer contracts would no longer require the consumer to absolve the company of all claims before service – a practice which violates Maine law

“It is ironic that a company named for an iconic symbol of freedom would concern itself with violating the free speech and other legally entitled rights of consumers,” said Attorney General Aaron M. Frey.  “I hope this case will remind consumers that no business can require you to waive your right to leave honest reviews of businesses and products.”