LePage Political Record Unveiled at Book Launch at Longfellow’s Tomorrow NOON

Meet the Author at Longfellow's Launch Party, Noon, July 17th.

Meet the Author at Longfellow’s Launch Party, Noon, July 17th.

Mike Tipping, Author of New LePage Book.

Mike Tipping, Author of New LePage Book.


By Carol McCracken  (Post # 2,160)

Longfellow Books is proud to host a launch party for a new book “As Maine Went – Governor Paul LePage and the Tea Party Takeover of Maine” by Mike Tipping, tomorrow, July 17th at noon. Longfellow Books is located at 1 Monument Square in downtown Portland. Tippling will read portions of his book and autograph copies of them.

This paperback is an in-depth look inside the administration of Governor Paul LePage since he took office four years ago. It’s an introspective of how the victory of the Tea Party over the Republican moderates of the past like Margaret Chase Smith,  Bill Cohen and Olympia Snowe have changed Maine politics.  A wide range of subjects are covered including the Watchmen, environment, taxes and budgets, education, jobs, transparency and much more.  It’s a substantive resource that should be read by as many as possible.  Read it and pass it on!

Mike Tipping is a columnist for newspapers in Maine and was able to take off from those daily pursuits to research the book and put it into paperback form.  It’s published by Tilbury House Publishers Thomaston,, is 159 pages long and the cost is $12.95; and is more than worth every penny of the cost of the book!  www.tilburyhouse.com

Longfellow Books phone no. is: 207 772-4045.