Law firm celebrates 40th Anniversary with clean-up at Lincoln Park


By Carol McCracken  (Post # 1,407)

“It was one of the best decisions I ever made.  No regrets, ” said Peter Plumb this afternoon when he took time from his clean-up work in Lincoln Park to chat about the significance of Lincoln Park to him and his venerable law firm; Murray, Plumb and Murray.  Meanwhile, all the employees of the firm were raking, tending flower beds and performing other tasks with the guidance of the city’s department of public works.

May 1st marks the 40th anniversary of the handshake by Peter Plumb, Peter Murray and Steve Murray (no relation)  that formed their own Exchange Street lawfirm in Potland;  that date was May 1, 1973.  The practice was general and has become much more specialized since that time.  Today it has fourteen attorneys and a support staff which more than doubles the total number of law firm employees.  “The three of us had talked about this previously, of course.  But one day we had all been in court and we came out here, sat on a bench and sealed the deal,” said Plumb smiling at the memory. (Steve Murray died twelve years ago.  He was the author of environmental laws in Augusta in the 60s and 70s.)

“Lincoln Park needs help.  Lots of help,” said Plumb. “The firm was started  here and we participated in the revitalization of this city.  This is our home and where we’ve had our careers and we like giving something back,” he added. The firm would love to see Lincoln Park restored to its former glory.  It dates back to the 1860s and was named in honor of President Lincoln shortly after his assassination.

In fact, there is help on the way for Lincoln Park.  A non-profit, has been set up to restore it to its former glory.   West  End resident, Frank E. Reilly, has taken the lead on this project. MP&M has done the legal work to set-up the non-profit. The firm would like to see work done on the fountain’s spire in the park and more benches donated to the Park.   (For more information on this non-profit, please foreward to Post # 1,413, herein.)

Plumb said that since he and his partners set up their law practice in 1973, it has changed dramatically.  The practice of law has become much more specialized and more complicated.  The proliferation of laws and regulations has made it more complex than forty years ago.  It is more structured and less congenial.  “It has become more cut throat as well,” Plumb said.

It was time to get back to raking and other duties, so Plumb excused himself from the Park bench on which we’d been seated.  It wasn’t the original bench from which the firm had been launched, but it was one that the firm had donated to the Park to celebrate its 35th anniversary five years ago.

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