Law Enforcement in Bowdoin Executing Search Warrants on Card Home Says State Department of Public Safety


A Home Belonging to Mass Shooter Robert Card on Meadows Road in Bowdoin as Shown on CNN Cable News This Evening.

Robert Card Has Been Chared with 8 Counts of Murder for Those Deceased Who Have Been Identified From the Eighteen Deeased..

“Law enforcment officials are currently on Meadow Road in the town of Bowdoin to execute several search warrants.  The announcements that are being heard over a loud speaker are standard search warrant announcements when executing a warrant to ensure the safety of all involved.  It is unknown whether Robert Card is in any of the homes law enforcement will search.  Law enforement officials are simply doing their due diligence by tracking down every lead in an effort to locate and apprehend Card,” was the statement issued by the Maine Department of Public Safety just before 8:00 pm. this evening.

The focus of cable and local television news stations on the activities in Bowdoin prompted the above press release from the State of Maine Public Safety Office, Augusta..