Kristen Dow, Director of Health & Human Services, Resigns from City Post


Kristen Dow, Director of Portand’s Health & Human Services Office has Resigned From Her  City Position.

The city’s spokeswoman has confirmed that Kristen Dow, Director of the Heath & Human Services Office, Portland has resigned.  Her resignation takes affect as of December 1. 2023.  Her predecessor didn’t last very long either; Dawn Campbell, married to George Campbell, a former Mayor of Portland.

“She got an opportunity to work for a national firm consulting on health and human services policies and issues for states across the country,” was the reason given by the city’s spokeswoman Jessica Grondin.  This response was not readily available from the city’s spokeswoman and required repeated emails by this blogger.  Transparency is not on the agenda of city hall.

If this had been an amicable separation, a city announcement would express appreciation and thanks for a job well done during some difficult years for the city. .A gracious press release would also issue  best wishes for the future of a valued departing city employee.  None of this appeared in the curt notice of the resignation of Dow by Grondin.  Dow’s replacement was not announced either.

Do  you think she was forced out?

Perhaps city hall is so under staffed because of the  regressive policies it employs.