Jennings Leaves the Maine Red Claws to Focus on the Forefront Development; Effective 7/6/12


By Carol McCracken (Post # 1,157)

Late yesterday afternoon, the Maine Red Claws basketball team announced that Jon Jennings, its general manager and president, had resigned effective July 6, 2012. Team chairman, Bill Ryan, Jr. will assume Jennings duties at that time. Jennings, a former assistant coach with the Boston Celtics, is credited with bringing this D-League Team to Portland.

This move will enable Jennings to focus on the development of the Forefront at Thompson’s Point. This $100 million development includes a large arena to be built specifically for the Red Claws who have outgrown their current home, a hotel, sports medicine facility, parking garages and an area for small boaters to utilize. When completed, the development will be the largest private project in the State of Maine since the Maine Mall was built in 1971.

It was Jennings who unveiled the original proposal to the public back on April 28, 2011 at a press conference at city hall. On June 5, the planning board gave its approval of the project which permits the construction to begin this summer.

For more background, please read Post # 765, dated April 28, 2011 herein.