Janet Mills for Governor Unveils New TV Ad Touting Bipartisanship


A Lawn Sign on North Street on Munjoy Hill Supporting the Reelection of Governor Janet T. Mills (D) in the Upcoming November 8th Election over Paul LePage (R).

The Janet Mills for Governor Campaign unveiled a new television ad on Monday, touting her work to bring Republicans, Democrats and Independents together to solve problems.  The ad is called – “It Pays Off – and was filmed at Becky’s Diner, Commercial Street, in Portland.

The positive televsion ad is in contrast to those being aired by the LePage campaign – builds on anotgher ad feadturing current and former Republican lawmakers supporting Governor Mills for reelection.  Together, the ads underscore the support that Governor Mills has received from across the political spectrum.

Governor Mills has made problem-solving and governing by consensus a priority during her time in office.  In fact, Maine’s $850. inflation relief check was originally proposed by Republicans and embraced by Governor Mills, who then worked to bring both sides together to pass the measure is now one of the country’s srongest responses to help people deal with high costs.  Despite it being a Republican idea, Paul LePage opposed it.

Governor Mills also brought together Republicans, Democrats and INdependents to fujlly fund education for the first time in Maine’s history, deliver free school meals, provide free community college, deliver an income tax cut to retirees, overhaul Maine’s student loan repayment program and quadruple Maine’s Rainy Day Fund – all without raising taxes.

This ad was scheduled to have started running yesterday in Portland Bangor and Presque Isle.