Is President Putin Trump’s Piggy Bank (Sugar Daddy) for his Legal Expenses?


There is speculation out there that President Valdimar Putin of Russia is Donald Trump’s piggy bank, a/k/a Sugar Daddy.  A piggy  bank Trump can break into to pay his legal bills when he needs to.   The more Trump stands up for Putin, the fatter the piggy grows.  In other words,  the more pro-Putin outrageous  statements Trump issues, the more funds Trump has access to.  Hence, his anti-America rants become more outrageous with every legal expense he piles up. Anti- America democracy is his agena because its Putin’s agenda.  What do you think?

As Trump’s legal expenses mount dramatically and Trump sucks up to Putin in more outlandish ways, that possibility becomes more likely every day. Yesterday Judge Arthur Engoron of New York hit Trump with a hefty fine of $355 million in a civil fraud case against Trump, his company and two of his sons.  Interest will  accrue on that amount as well until the fine is paid. Trump, Eric and Don Jr. are all three restricted on a temporary basis to their management of the company.  This and much more leaves many wondering how will Trump pay for these legal fines and probbly more expenses to come?

His recent proclamation that if NATO members don’t increase their defense budgets, a President Trump will encourage Putin to do whatever the hell he wants with our NATO allies.  This is the most recent of his disturbing statements about our allies and our national security that have heads perplexed.  There has been no denouncement of Putin about his murder of Russian Alexei Navalny in a Russian prison in the artic earlier this week. This is all intended for an audience of one – Valdimar Putin – to grow his piggy bank.

Although Trump’s affinity for Putin has been largely attributed to Trump’s admiratdion for his autocratic ways, perhaps that is only part of it.   Trump is Putin’s American based pr team.  Maybe Tucker Carlson, formerly with FOX news, sees advantages to that strategy as well.

And how can you ever forget the stunning admission by Eric Trump back in 2014? That’s when Eric said the Trumps did not need American banks because the family has Russian financial sources.  Russian financial sources available to Trump when needed for his legal expenses?

Pleasing Putin in exchange for access to his piggy bank is Trump’s agenda. What do you think?