Ice Cream Stand Coming to Hill by June 1st, If Not Later!

Dumpster on North Street That May Be Removed to Make Room For an Ice Cream Stand.

Dumpster on North Street That May Be Removed to Make Room For an Ice Cream Stand.

By Carol McCracken  (Post # 2,272)

Would you let your children buy scoops of ice cream from this dumpster on Munjoy Hill? Well, you may not have to be concerned about that possibility.

Hilltop Superette plans to open up an ice cream stand in the back of the convenience store by June 1st – if all goes well.  It has served as a storage area but is in the process of being converted to sell ice cream.

Giffords Ice Cream is expected to be sold here.  The dumpster may be moved to be replaced by an ice cream window or the ice cream window may be open in the alley behind the building. It is expected to be staffed by high school students looking for summer time employment.

Hilltop Superette business is owned by Hill resident Bill Simpson.  The property on which his business is located is owned by Tom ToyeToye owns a lot of property in Bayside which he bought from philanthropist Elizabeth Noyes prior to her death years  ago. Toye owns the land on Marginal Way that housed the DHHS office and was involved in a dispute with the LePage administration over the lease.  Toye, who lives in Cape Elizabeth and Simpson are business partners.  The Superette was formerly Colucci’s Market, the scene of a two-alarm fire in March of 2013.  The fire was set by an arsonist who was living on Munjoy Hill. He was arrested before leaving the building and put in jail.   The building was sold following the fire.

Elizabeth Noyes, was the  first wife of Robert Noyes, a co-inventor of the microchip for Intel in California.  She used her vast wealth from their divorce to benefit the economy of Portland and other communities in Maine.  She set up the Libra Foundation in 1989 which is the second largest charitable organization in Maine.   Hers is an iconic name in Maine for her generosity here. Noyes died 19 years ago in Bremen, Me.