Hundreds Watch Eclipse from Monument Square This Afternoon


James Fitzgerald Looks at the Eclipse Through Glasses Distributed by the Portland Public Library Today.

Charlotte Daniels, of Munjoy Hill, Views the Eclipse Through a Camera Provided to the Public by Channel 13 News.

Rachel Penny, 10,  Awed by the Eclipse With the Special Glasses She Borrowed From James Fitzgerald, Who Then Let Her Keep Them. (Photo Above Left.)

Several hundred people came out to Monument Square this afternoon to watch a historic event.  It was an eclipse – a rare event.

One of those viewing the eclipse was James Fitzgerald, a resident of Munjoy Hill, who works in the mental health field.  ”  Just came here to check out the eclipse,” he said.  “That’s when the moon goes in front of the sun and blacks out the sun.  This is another sign that there is a God up there,” he said.  “Neither you nor I could do this!”  Formerly he worked in the construction business, but decided to change professions, “because I want to help people.  And I can do that.”

Charlotte Daniels, also a resident of the Hill, looked at the eclipse at Monument Square through the camera supplied free by Channel 13 news.  There was a long line waiting to view it.  Daniels, a professor at Bowdoin College, said:  “It’s fabulous.  I wasn’t going to come done here at all, but at the last minute I decided to. …it’s eerie!”  (See left photo with Charlotte peering into the camera.)

Rachel Penny, 10, said she stood in line at Monument Square to get a special pair of glasses distributed  by the Portland Public Library. “I was crying because I stood in line to get the special glasses, but they ran out just before they got to me,” said Rachel. James Fitzgerald, standing nearby, let her borrow his special glasses and then keep them as a souvenoir. She was all smiles!

The Portland Public Library ordered 750 special glasses they’ve been distributing for a few weeks now.  Only 75 pairs were left and those went very quickly this afternoon – just ask Rachel!  (See right photo.)

Book sellers at nearby Longfellow Books said that when the Public Library ran out of special glasses, they received a number of inquiries from people wanting to purchase them in time for the eclipse.  Out of  Luck!