“Old Port House of Jerky” Opens on Exchange Street on May 15th

Future Site of Old Port House of Jerky at 13 Exchange Street

Future Site of Old Port House of Jerky at 13 Exchange Street in Portland’s Old Port


By Carol McCracken  (Post # 1,760)

“People are learning the nutritional value of jerky,” said Jeff Gagne, a co-owner of the new shop that is opening on Thursday, May 15th at 13 Exchange Street in the Old Port of Portland, this afternoon.  “A lot of athletes are attracted to this unprocessed product because of its high protein content,” said Gagne.  “It gives you energy when you need it.”

The Very Likeable Gagne and his business partner, Matt Dibenedetto, have high hopes for this new venture.  The two began a similar store in North Conway last November and it has more than met its expectations so far with better weather on the way. This is part of a national chain that began just a few years ago and now has almost thirty stores across the nation – from California, down to Florida and back up to New Hampshire. The plants are located in Indiana and California.

The variety of Jerky to be carried in the former “Mornings in Paris” coffee shop is impressive.   It includes fish;  tuna, salmon and trout in the fish category.  Under the name of game, inventory will include alligator, kangaroo, venison, buffalo, beef and turkey and pork; and different flavors within each category.  There are jerkies for vegan eaters including cactus and mushroom.   There is something for everyone!

The House of Jerky at 13 Exchange Street will be open seven days a week from 9:00 am until 8:00 pm.