Halloween Display Adds Smiles to a Somber Southern Maine


Ryan and RaeJean Smith, Behind Their Annual Halloween Show in South Portland, Maine.

Most of the Blwo-ups in Front of the Family Home in South Portland on a Very Sunny Day.  “It Takes a Village” of Blow-ups?

“I’m glad it’s over, but I’m not glad he’s dead   We failed him.  The system failed him,” said Rae Jean Smith, in front of her South Portland home with her husband, Ryan late last week – three days following the mass killings of 18 that took place in Lewiston by deceased suspect Robert Card.

One of the questions being asked by many is – did law enforcement fulfill its professional responsibilities to protect the public from a dangerous situation?

Every year the Smiths add a few more blowups to the display in front of their home..  This year is the largest Halloween display in the many years since the display was implemented years ago.  Most of the displays come from Home Depot and the Spirit of Halloween.  Tombstones in front of their home are homemade.

“Every year we see fewer Halloween decorations, so that gives us more incentive to keep the tradition going in order to fill the increasing void,” said Ryan.  The characters shown above are all from the “Nightmare Before Christmas,” a movie that is a favorite of their twelve year old son, Wyatt.

The festivities wouldn’t have anything to do with the fact that October 31 is Ryan’s birthday – would it?! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Ryan!

Governor Janet T. Mills (D) today ordered flags in Maine to be lowered until November 17 in memory of each of the lives lost in Lewiston almost a week ago.