Green New Deal Task Force Unveiled Today in Augusta; Endorsed by SierraClubMaine

Zak Ringelstein Unveiled Maine’s own Green New Deal Task Force in Augusta This Afternoon. It is Endorsed by the Sierra Club Maine.

“The State of Maine has its own Green New Deal which we are unveiling today,” said Zak Ringelstein, this afternoon at the State House in Augusta. “It is about time that we have a solution on the scale of the crisis.”

Senator Shenna Bellows, a Co-sponsor of LD 1282 This Afternoon.

Ringelstein was referring to LD 1282 which forms a Task Force to work for a transition to a low-carbon economy to benefit “all residents fairly and equitably, with consideration for their sources of employment, levels of income and historical experience.” There are 13 members of the Task Force specified in the Legislation. By the 15th of each January, a report on the State’s progress toward a “just transition to a low-carbon economy.” will be submitted to the Legislature. .

“The last 4 years were the 4 hottest in human history and if we let temperatures rise 2 degrees Celsius higher than pre-industrial levels, we will have mass migration, wildfires, coral reef destruction, species extinction, sea level rise and human conflict and death at a level never experienced before in human history,” said Ringelstein. “Lobsters will move out of Maine to Canada and in just 60 years, at the rate we’re going, Maine’s summers will feel like current-day Maryland.”

Senator Shenna Bellows (D) said that the Task Force would bring together people from a variety of backgrounds – including scientists, labor advocates, business owners, and youth representatives to make sure the plans we make for the state are sensible, fair and sustainable for everyone and coming up with solutions.”

The legislation has been forwarded to both the House and the Senate. Eleven other states, including most New England states, already have similar legislation guaranteeing paid sick days.