Grand Opening of Alice Jones Exhibit on February 9 at Moss Galleries on the Hill


Garden Keeper, Oil on Canvas, at the Alice Jones Exhibit on Munjoy Hill

Perennial, Oil on Canvas.

The grand opening of an art exhibit by Portland artist Alice Jones is set for Friday, February 9th at Moss Galleries on Munjoy HIll from 3:00 – 7:00 pm.  The show runs through April 6, 2024.

A Bowdoin College graduate with a BA in visual arts in 2017, Ms. Jones paintings draw from landscapes in the creation of her paintings that range from representational to abstract.  Nature is at the core of most of her paintins on exhibit at the Moss Galleries, 100 Fore Street

In 2018, Ms. Jones co-founded New System Exhibitions, a project space devoted to providing solo shows to emerging and mid-career artists.  She founded and manages the Kids Table Goat Collective, which raises a small herd of dairy goats in Freeport.

“I work as a gardner……….Through the hours spent here, I became interestd in the balance-and the struggle- between cultivated and wild.  Between natural order and randomnes, pattern and concidence.  Between established and emergent.   Between predator and prey,  or pest and plant.  With all the bright, abundant llfe there is quiet, abundant death, equally.  i found it all here.” she wrote in a statement available at Moss Galleries, on Munjoy HIll.

Originally from eastern Tennessee, “she holds dear the untamed mountain-laurel woods with their tumbling creeks and oppressive humidity and the influences of missing home often prevail in her work.  In her paintings she explores relationships to place and landsape through a lens of memory and emotion in an ongoing attempt to answer her questions and curiosities” her statement at Moss concludes.  “I wonder what kept her her in Maine rather than returning home,” this blogger wonders.

“It’s a good time of the year for this show because we are in the middle of a Maine winter and the paintings are about gardens and growth,” said Lauren Donovan, Assistant Director at Moss Galleries.

The Gallelry is open Tuesday – Saturday from 10:00 am – 5:00 pm.