Governor Mills Statement on Violence at US Capitol


Thugs Break into the Capitol Today with the Encouragement of Trump – Not Soon Enough to be the Former President of the US.

Thugs Storming Capitol Hill Today With the Support of Trumpy.

“Like many Americans, I condemn the violence and destruction occurring at the US Capitol.  Our country has conducted a free and a fair election in which the American people have spoken and now the powerful transfer of power a hallmark of our democracy must proceed.  I do not believe what we are seeing today is sanctioned by most Americans, nor do I believe it represents the true character of the American people,  but it is a clear and troubling reflection of our fractured nation.  The violence must end, and all leaders, of every political stripe, including the President, must forcefully denounce the actions and defend our democracy.  All Americans, regardless of politics, must work to restore the honor, decency and integrity that is truly reflective of the character of our people and our country,” said Governor Janet Mills, in a press release issued this afternoon.