Governor Mills Orders State Offices Closed Today, March 14 Due to Weather


Governor Janet T. Mills (D) has directed all State of Maine offices closed today, Tuesday, March 14, 2023 because of a winter storm predicted to bring heavy snow and high winds that will create hazardous driving conditions across the state accoding to a press release issued by her office yesterday afternoon.

The winter storm arrving this morning wkll continue through Wednesdayh afternoon and is expected to bring heavy, wet snow to most of the state.  The National Weather Service (NWS) has forecast that southern, central and southwest and western Maine could receive up to a foot of snow.  High winds combined with heavy snow will create low visibility during the  morning and evening commutes.  Snow accumulations on tgree branches could lead to downed power lines and power outages.

“As of 7:45  this morning, there has been no snowfall on Munjoy Hill in Portland,” said this blogger from   “Thank heavens city hall did not call for a parking ban for the next two nights as it did for the last storm. What a waste that was.”

One thought on “Governor Mills Orders State Offices Closed Today, March 14 Due to Weather

  1. I guess the Governor believes one size fits all is good for the entire state……

    Why not Each School District decide.

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