Governor Mills Bans Cooperation in Abortion Inquiries From Elsewhere


Former State Rep from Portland, Dick Farnsworth, at Lincoln Park Rally Protesting SCOTUS Decision.

Governor Janet Mills (D), the first woman Governor of Maine, yesterday signed into law an Executive Order that further safeguards access to abortion in Maine and to protect Maine health care providers who provide reproductive health care and their patients in the wake of the US Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade.

“A woman’s right to choose is just that – a woman’s, not a politicains,” said Governor Mills.  “This Executive Order makes clear that access to reproductive health care and the health care providers who offer it, will be protected by my Administration.”

The Governor’s Executive Order:

prohibits State agencies from cooperating with another state’s investigation into a person, organization or health care provider delivering abortion care in Maine;

directs State agencies to conduct a review of laws and regulations for barriers to reproductive health care and exercise discretionary authority under the law to remove or minimize those barriers, and among other things:

makes clear that the Governor will exercise her authority within the law to decline extradition attempts from other states pursuing criminal charges against a person for receiving or performing care.