GOVERNOR LePage: Please Resign – Pingree Weighs In !

An Image of the Maine Governor That Appeared on Meet the Press, NBC. This Morning.

An Image of the Maine Governor That Appeared on Meet the Press, NBC. This Morning.

By Carol McCracken  (Post # 2,702)

Governor Paul Richard LePage has done it again!

He’s embarrassed the State of Maine and brought us unwanted national attention because of  his racial profiling remarks in the recent past.  According to his record-keeping, it’s black people and Hispanics from out- of- state who are selling drugs to Maine people and destroying Mainers’ lives.  The Gasbag Governor’s record keeping is a three-ring notebook. He has recently stated he keeps photos of these drug dealers who are 90% non-white in this binder.   However, the FBI’s Criminal Justice Information Service contradicts this statement dramatically. Who do you believe?!

His remarks are so repugnant  that the story was reported last Friday evening on the ABC nightly news with David Muir.  The story was reported that same evening on several cable stations.  And once again this morning on Meet the Press the moderator was exasperated by the crudeness of LePage’s remarks.   And the fallout  probably won’t end there.

It is wildly  believed that Governor LePage has a drinking problem and that it is time for him to deal with that.  Some have called for his resignation or an “intervention.” Listening carefully to his telephone remarks to a Westbrook state legislator from last week confirm that drinking and his thin-skin  could well have been at the core of his profanity laced message to the state legislator from Westbrook.  “I”m after you,” he informed the legislator.

But it’s also local.  MHN. spent much of the last few days in the Old Port.  That’s where visitors  from all over the world have been enjoying all that Maine has to offer them in these glorious, waning days of summer.  What do they think?  Just ask them as I have!  It’s not nice.

“This kind of angry, hate-filled speech has no place in politics or public policy and it’s shocking that the top elected official in our state would use such language.  We have seen the steady loss of ciivility in politics at a national level and it is sad and embarassing that our own Governor is contributing to that troubling trend.  We face some serious problems in our country and this state and they deserve serious discussion, not obscenity-laden threats from a public official,” wrote US Representative Chelllie Pingree (D) in an email last week.  No other officials at the national or local level has weighed in on the Governor’s latest probably alcohol induced rant!.

In the recent past, LePage has said that he would like to serve in the Trump White House.  However, if that doesn’t work out, he’d consider a run against US Senator Angus King (I) in his next term.  LePage introduced Trump when he spoke at Merrill Auditorium to a packed house earlier this summer.  Reciprocally, Trump has expressed his enthusiasm for Governor LePage as well, although there has been no public mention of him for a position in the Trump White House – should Trump win the November 2016 election.

Resign Governor – do us a favor – do everyone a favor.  Please?

2 thoughts on “GOVERNOR LePage: Please Resign – Pingree Weighs In !

  1. Let’s all calm down.Call for a public viewing of all mug shots of the crimes discussed here. In public. If possible, televised.Let everyone count for themselves. Let’s actually look at all of the data. By category. Drug related crimes. Assaults. Whether or not you agree with what LePage said, he has created an opportunity to examine each instance. We can examine the similar information from the previous administrations.

  2. The best we can hope for, Jamie, is that the Gasbag Governor is in the process of preparing his resignation! The only one who needs to calm down is LePage. He can say what he wants at home in private, but before his vulgar public statements and he threatens others, HE needs to calm down, put down his glass of alcohol, and consider the consequences of his comments. His three-ring binder does not reflect crime statistics as collected by the experts; that shouldn’t be ignored in his defense by anyone. I find his behavior indefensible and it speaks volumes to me about people who DO defend him. Carol

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